Why use a Realtor?

whyusearealtorCaveat emptor /ˌkævɛɑːt ˈɛmptɔːr/ is Latin for “Let the buyer beware.”


Generally, caveat emptor is the contract law principle that controls the sale of real property after the date of closing, but may also apply to sales of other goods. The phrase “caveat emptor” arises from the fact that buyers typically have less information about the good or service they are purchasing, while the seller has more information. The quality of this situation is known as information asymmetry. Defects in a good or service may be hidden from the buyer by the seller. A realtor helps ensure that the buyer does not get taken advantage of, and that they know exactly what they are getting in a deal.

  1. Caveat emptor- Let the buyer beware. Having a realtor on your side can prevent mishaps or unneeded expenses during your purchase or rental of a home.
  2. “Let’s shake on it” – while it is always Ok to believe someone as you enter into a deal, let a Realtor ensure that all the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed.
  3. Know your rights – as you buy or sell a home, rent a property, or invest in real estate, it’s better to stay informed by a trained professional.


[1] (from caveat, “may he beware”, a subjunctive form of cavere, “to beware” + emptor, “buyer”)